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The Atlanta Hawks have been consistently struggling in the NBA for the past several years, and part of the reason for their issues can be attributed to their bad contracts. These deals have tied up valuable cap space and limited the team`s ability to make significant moves in the free agency market.

One of the biggest bad contracts on the Hawks` roster is that of Chandler Parsons. Signed to a four-year, $94 million deal in 2016, Parsons has been plagued with injuries and has only played in 100 games over the past four seasons. He has also only averaged 7.2 points per game, which is not a strong return on investment for the Hawks.

Another contract that has not panned out for the Hawks is that of Evan Turner. Signed to a four-year, $70 million deal in 2016, Turner has failed to live up to expectations. He is currently averaging just 3.3 points per game, which is far below what was expected of him when he signed the contract.

One more contract that has not worked out well for the Hawks is that of Allen Crabbe. The Hawks acquired Crabbe in a trade with the Brooklyn Nets in 2019, and he is currently earning $18.5 million this season. However, he has only played in 28 games and is averaging just 5.1 points per game.

All of these bad contracts have contributed to the Hawks` struggles and made it difficult for them to make significant moves in free agency. Despite these challenges, the Hawks have some promising young talent on their roster, including Trae Young, John Collins, and Kevin Huerter. If they can continue to develop these players and make some smarter contract decisions in the future, the Hawks may be able to turn things around and become a contender in the NBA.

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